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If your child has started asking some of these
                     questions about Santa Claus, we can help!

Is Santa real?
   How does Santa fit down the chimney?
         How does Santa really know if I’ve been naughty or nice?
                How does Santa fly around the whole world in just one night?

     The Fellowship of Elves is a secret society whose members share the job of helping and caring for Santa Claus. It is our job to help Santa spread his magic around the world each year for every new generation to enjoy.
   Since helping Santa is such a tremendous task, the Fellowship of Elves is always looking for highly qualified candidates. As part of our job helping Santa, we work very hard to recognize and celebrate the special moment in a child’s life when he or she is ready to learn how the kindness and generosity of the human spirit is connected to Santa’s magic. As Santa’s special caretakers, we would like to help you answer some of your child's questions about Santa by sharing a little of Santa’s history and a few secrets that explain how Santa’s magic really works with your child. In exchange, we ask that your child take the Fellowship of Elves Secret Oath pledging not to share Santa's top-secret information, and become an Elf Fellow.

    If your child is ready to learn the secret to Santa’s magic, please review our membership process. Based on your recommendation, we will gladly process your child’s application to become an official Elf Fellow.


The Elves

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