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Membership Kit


A Fellowship of Elves Membership can make the childhood milestone of learning the truth about Santa a celebration of growing up. It fosters the joy of giving and starts a new family tradition that allows your child to help keep the magic of Santa alive for younger siblings, friends, and future generations to enjoy.

Keep a membership kit on hand and you will not be caught off guard when your child asks the inevitable question, “Is Santa Claus real?"

Lovingly crafted customized complete kit includes:

- Instructional Parent Guide
The parent guide provides detailed instructions on how to use the membership kit and provides several tips on how to make the occasion a special event.

- Fellowship of Elves Membership Invitation and Membership Pouch
The membership invitation is a personalized letter from the membership director of the Fellowship of Elves. The canvas membership pouch contains all the items necessary to become an official Elf Fellow.

- Elf Pledge Book (hardcover book, 25 pages)  
The Elf Pledge Book provides an educational glimpse into Santa’s history and insight into how his magic really works. It also contains the Elf Secret Oath, which encourages your child to be kind, respectful, and generous throughout the year and the Elf Journal that teaches your child that a gift is a gesture from the heart to someone that you care about.

- Fellowship of Elves Official Membership Ornament
The keepsake ornament for the family Christmas tree serves as a secret signal to fellow elves that your child is now an official caretaker of Santa’s secret.

- Elf Socks and Elf Key to Santa’s Workshop
These items and the Elf Pledge Book are to be kept in the membership pouch and stored in a secret corner of your child’s sock drawer, to serve as a reminder to keep both Santa’s magic and Saint Nicholas’ spirit alive all year.

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