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What Parents Are Saying...

"The Elf Pledge Book discusses all the points that I as a parent would want to convey to my children. It does so in a caring and thoughtful way, while bringing in the important historical aspects of the tradition. This is a wonderful kit for parents and caregivers to present.” 

Amy R.

"I loved everything about the kit! Every part serves a purpose and is engaging. I thought the parent guide was great and easily to follow. The story was just right in length and I enjoyed the artwork also.”

JoAnne W.

“I purchased this kit when I heard about it from a friend. What a great solution to the question, “ Is Santa real?” My son is not ready, but I expect him to ask any day now. I’m glad that I have this on hand. The book is a simple read, yet an engaging story based on actual history. It took me back in time to my own childhood. Thank you” 

Joe W.

"I feel that this Elf Kit is the best tool a parent can have to help transition their child to an even more magical world. To be a helper for Santa is a wonderful experience for any child. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to purchase this kit for my daughter and husband for their daughter." 

Lorraine G.

“We saw the kits you created for our friend’s children and were blown away by your concept and your lovely story. I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing gift to share with our family.  I only wish I could buy one for each child I know!!   Merry Christmas and Holiday Blessings.”  

Shari A.

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