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Membership Process

 Upon receiving the Fellowship of Elves Membership Kit, your child will be presented with a personalized invitation letter from the membership director of the Fellowship of Elves. The letter acknowledges and celebrates that your child has matured to the special age where he or she is now old enough to learn how the kindness and generosity of the human spirit is connected to Santa’s magic.


As the first part of the initiation process, you and your child will be asked to read the Elf Pledge Book together. The Elf Pledge Book provides an educational glimpse into Santa’s history and his ties to Saint Nicholas as it sets the stage for explaining to your child how Santa really makes his magical journey around the world every Christmas Eve.

In exchange for this top-secret information, the Fellowship of Elves will ask your child to take the official Fellowship of Elves Secret Oath and pledge not to share Santa’s confidential information with others, especially younger siblings and friends. You will be asked to help your child take the secret oath and witness your child's pledge with a ceremonial signature.


Finally, the Fellowship of Elves marks this special milestone moment by presenting your child with a Fellowship of Elves Official Membership Ornament. When added to the family Christmas tree, the ornament will serve as a secret signal to fellow elves that your child has become an official caretaker of Santa’s secret.

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